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8 Benefits of Enrolling Your Dog in Doggy Day Care

Skeptical about the benefits of doggy day care for your dog? Here are some reasons why many are reaping the benefits for themselves and their dogs! The following are some of the specific benefits of doggy day care:


Dogs can get bored alone all day at home. Some dogs just sleep their lives away. Others can become destructive due to anxiety over being alone or an excess of energy. Doggy day care gets those sleepy dogs moving and helps direct the activity of anxious or energetic dogs. Your dog gets to mingle and socialize with other dogs, which makes them tired, keeps their social skills active and burns energy!

Fit and healthy lifestyle

We all love our dogs, and because of this love, many of us fail to realize that our dogs could be leading an unhealthy lifestyle. Every dog deserves to eat healthily and stay active. Leaving your dog indoors and sleeping and eating without getting a proper workout is not in your dog’s best interest . One of the benefits of enrolling your dog in a happy doggy day care is allowing him to have a fun-filled day while staying active.

Proper care while you are away

This is usually the first reason why people get a doggy day care center for their dog. If you have to go to work or travel, then you need to provide your dog with a safe place while you are away. You sure don’t want to leave your dog in his crate unattended until you come back late from work. Not only is this risky, but you will feel guilty because you know your dog isn’t happy being confined. You may be required to work late at work because of some deadlines that must be met. What happens to your crated dog at home? Or were there to be a fire what becomes of your precious pet if left alone? The best doggy day care centers will cater to your dog’s needs when hungry, need a bathroom break, or just need to play and have fun. If the doggy day care center is also a boarding facility, your dog can comfortably spend the night if necessary.

It could double as a spa day

out Some happy doggy day care centers go the extra mile to take care of your dog by grooming them while they are at the center. This means that you pick up your dog looking better than when you dropped him off. And while the cost of the grooming may come as a different package or as all-inclusive, you and your dog will be happy with the result.

No risk of leaving your dogs with strangers

The Palm Beach Paw Spa treats your dog like family. We know you dog’s likes, dislikes,

play styles and will treat your dog like one of our own. Our doggy day care is nearby so

that you can drop your dog off with people your dog knows and trust knowing your dog

is safe and well cared for.

It is more affordable in the long run

If you are to call a dog sitter or a walker every time you are off to work, you will be

spending more money in the long run. But if you were to involve the services of a doggy

day care center, you will actually save money in the long run with our frequent user

passes. Plus, your dog will enjoy more benefits than dog sitters and walkers can offer.

A change of scenery

You love having some time out, right? So does your dog. It gives him something to look

forward to when you enroll your dog in a happy doggy day care center. It’s a great way to change your dog’s daily routine while giving the dog some time out of the house.

Opportunity to make new friends

Your dog deserves to have a BFF too! The best doggy day care centers are great places to make this happen for your dog. It’s like a play date for your dog. It’s a win-win for you and your dog!

Now you know! Not only is doggy day care the perfect short-term solution when you have to go to work, travel with the family, or simply have a day out, it also allows your dog to experience the benefits of socializing with other dogs.

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