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Help! My dog has too much energy! And it’s hard to live with! He has way too much energy!

Actualizado: 18 mar 2018

Everyone wants the best for their four-legged family members. In times gone by, dogs were often included in the routine of their owners throughout the day. Today’s dogs, however, are often alone and sleeping at home during the day while their owners are at work. Then, fully rested and charged up are ready to run and play when their owners come home tired from a long day at work. Although this is especially true with young or adolescent dogs, it can also relevant with older dogs that are home alone. This disconnect often results in unruly, hyperactive or destructive canine behavior and frustrated and frazzled owners who want to do the right thing by their dogs but do not feel like jogging, running or engaging in extended bouts of tennis ball throwing every night. .

Is there a solution?

Oftentimes, the solution can be found through dog day care. A professional and well run dog day care can make an enormous difference in the quality of life of both the dog and his human. A high quality dog day care can both help your dog burn excess energy in a healthy way, enrich his day so that he is not alone and also maintain or improve canine social skills.

You can search for ‘Doggie Daycare Jupiter’ or ‘Dog Daycare Palm Beach Gardens’ or ‘Dog Day Care West Palm Beach’ and read the reviews of the Palm Beach Paw Spa; all you will find is good news.

How do I choose a dog day care? Aren’t they all the same?

The best dog day care facilities combine an alternating routine of both play and rest with other compatible dogs, hands on leash walking to help maintain housetraining, a cool and comfortable environment away from the blazing heat of the Florida sun, a spotlessly clean and fresh smelling facility and a personal approach and plan for each individual dog in their care.

Also, it is not the quantity of dogs who attend the day care - it is the quality of the dogs attending. Effective and enjoyable play can often more readily occur with just a few dogs – the right dogs. Having an entire pack of dogs with uncontrolled play can lead to bullying, unacceptably high level of arousal and a resulting increased chance of accidents. At the Palm Beach Paw Spa, owners can take comfort in knowing that our state-of-the-art facility is designed with their pet's safety and happiness in mind.

All dogs that play in our indoor, air conditioned dog park have up to date vaccinations, have passed a temperament evaluation, and are closely supervised by our highly trained Canine Coordinators. We pride ourselves in giving our pet guests the very best care possible and do whatever it takes to keep our four-legged guests happy.

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