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About us

The Palm Beach Paw Spa opened its doors in the fall of 2004 in Jupiter, Florida. The Paw Spa was designed and constructed to create a fun and safe place where dogs could play, maintain their doggie social skills and burn off excess energy. An important element in keeping dogs healthy and happy includes exercise and social contact with other friendly dogs. The facility includes an indoor large dog park and a separate small dog park as well as an additional room just for sleepovers and boarding. Even the play area flooring was chosen for its impact cushioning qualities to protect joints and prevent slipping when dogs are hard at play.

In 2010, the Palm Beach Paw Spa was purchased by Carlos Marquez and his family. The tradition of high standards has been seamlessly continued by the Marquez family. Dogs are carefully screened before acceptance, vaccinations records checked and play is carefully monitored by an experienced and trustworthy adult staff. Personal attention is given to each canine guest in a warm, safe and loving environment. At The Palm Beach Paw Spa,the lives of pets and owner peace of mind are of utmost importance.

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