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Benefits of Day Care


Why Choose The Paw Spa 
For Dog Daycare?



At the Palm Beach Paw Spa, owners can take comfort in knowing that our state-of-the-art facility is designed with their pet's safety and happiness in mind. 


All dogs that play in our indoor, air conditioned dog park have up to date vaccinations, have passed a temperament evaluation, and are closely supervised by our highly trained Canine Coordinators. We pride ourselves in giving our pet guests the very best care possible and do whatever it takes to keep our four-legged guests happy.















People often ask our staff "what makes the Paw Spa different from other dog daycares" and "is daycare worthwhile for my dog" ?  We tell them the following things:  

1. Daycare provides an excellent opportunity for dogs to exercise and burn off extra energy. This not only keeps a pet in good physical condition but it allows the dog owner to enjoy an evening of peace and quiet because their dogs are tired from a day of play.  Daycare dogs go home tired and this makes everyone happy.  


Your dog is treated as a valued individual - not just one of the pack.  At the Paw Spa the play is closely monitored by trained Canine Coordinators.  Also, dogs playing for a full day are given the option of a snack  and the opportunity to rest between play periods in an air conditioned suite. 



















2. Daycare also encourages dogs to socialize in a safe and well supervised environment. A socialized dog can be taken to more places and is often better behaved in new surroundings. 


At the Paw Spa only dogs passing a temperament test are accepted for group play. Additionally, the Paw Spa employs breed restrictions prohibiting pit bulls, akitas, and rottweilers.  While these breeds include wonderful companion dogs, they are not always suitable for group play. 























3.  At the Paw Spa Dogs are divided by size for play in either the large or small dog park.  This gives the opportunity for dogs to play safely with dogs of their own approximate size.  Both daycare parks are indoor and fully air conditioned with impact cushioning flooring to protect joints when running and playing.  




























4. To maintain housetraining, dogs are taken for frequent bathroom breaks outdoors and walked on leash by our Canine Coordinators.  This gives the dogs an opportunity to stroll, sniff and enjoy the air outdoors while at the same time preventing overheating in South Florida's dangerous heat.  We find that most dogs - when given a choice - enjoy brief trips outdoors but would actually prefer to run and play in the air conditioning! The Paw Spa wants dogs to go home tired from happy play rather than exhausted from being out in the heat all day. 



























5. If daycare is done prior to boarding, your dog will learn to identify the dog daycare as a happy place where he or she can play, rest and relax. This way, owners can dramatically reduce the stress level of their dog when taking a trip away from home. 






















Other important features to consider when choosing a dog day care are:

  • Is it clean and fresh smelling? The Paw Spa invites you to come in and see for yourself!  We would love to have you come in for a tour anytime.  We pride ourselves in having a clean and sanitary facility.  

  • Are the owners on the premises?  The Paw Spa is a family owned and operated business. Owners are always on the premises while your dog is at play.   

  • Is there someone who can help me with dog behavior problems or training?  Linda Kender, CPDT-KSA, is a certified professional dog trainer who is a member of the Paw Spa staff. Group training classes are available during the evenings and private training by appointment. 

  • Can my dog be bathed or groomed at the Paw Spa?  Baths can be given upon request and onsite professional grooming is available by appointment. 

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