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Hurricane Season


Are You & Your Dog Ready For A HURRICANE?


Do not wait until you are in the path of an approaching hurricane to make arrangements for your dog.  As those of you who weathered Hurricanes Frances, Jeanne and Wilma will remember, the approach of a hurricane means a time of anxiety, action and last minute final preparations.  It is NOT the time to start planning for your pet.


The Palm Beach Paw Spa Now Offers A
  VIP Hurricane Season Plan


The Palm Beach Paw Spa is now offering its new VIP Hurricane Season Plan.  For a $100 per dog non-refundable deposit you will have the peace of mind of knowing that accommodations for your dog are guaranteed during the Hurricane Season.  Your dog(s) will not be turned away because we are full as your dog's reservation is confirmed in advance.   

As storms twist and turn over water their path is often uncertain.  With the VIP Plan you have the luxury of deciding when or even if you will be boarding your dog in the event of a hurricane as you are guaranteed a reservation for boarding at the Palm Beach Paw Spa. 

Well constructed and built to current building standards, The Palm Beach Paw Spa weathered Hurricanes Frances, Jeanne and Wilma without incident. To download an application for the VIP Hurricane Season Plan click hereor call the Palm Beach Paw Spa at (561) 741-0022 to enroll.  To download the Palm Beach Paw Spa's Hurricane Boarding Agreement click here.


Don’t Wait Until A Hurricane Is Imminent To Plan For Your Pets!


The following information is provided to help you develop a hurricane plan for your pets.  The following materials listed in the Pet Survival Kit are those which at a minimum need to be assembled for the care of your pet whether you evacuate with your pet or remain at home to weather the storm. ( A list of items to bring with your dog if you board at the Paw Spa is included in the Hurricane Boarding Agreement.) 


Pet Survival Kit

  • Proper ID collar and rabies tag/license (and/or microchip)

  • Picture of pet and proof of current vaccinations (including kennel cough)

  • Carrier or cage large enough for the pet to lie down comfortably

  • Collar or harness and leash

  • Ample food and drinking water supply for at least one week

  • Airtight food containers

  • Water/food bowls

  • Any necessary medications

  • Specific care instructions

  • Newspapers, paper towels, plastic trash bags for handling waste

  • Proper ID on all belongings

  • Non electric can opener if using canned foods without pull tabs

  • Pet beds, treats and toys if possible to help relieve stress


Plan Ahead!  If You Must Evacuate,
Please Do Not Leave Your Pets Behind

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