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6 Checklists before Choosing a Doggy Day Care Center

Being able to interact and socialize with other dogs and humans is very important for your dog. You may not be able to achieve this without enrolling your dog in a doggy day care center. Apart from wanting your dog to socialize with others, your dog also gets some workouts and training sessions when you register him with a doggy day care. You may be in the process of selecting a doggy day care for your dog because of your new job, and you hate to lock up your dog all day. Although there are a huge number of people offering such services, the problem lies in selecting the best doggy day care for your dog while having some peace of mind. In this article, we shall be listing some checklists you should tick before settling for any doggy care center. Here are 6 of them: Is the facility well-equipped? Many people look for a doggy day care near me and when they find any close by center, they simply dump their pets with them. A good

doggy day care center will have no problem showing you around their facility. They will not just show you their facility but take you on a tour while explaining where your dog will be kept. It is in this process that you will see things for yourself such as the cleanliness and security of the center. Some centers even offer live streaming camera so that you can keep an extra eye out for your dog wherever you may be. A happy doggy day care center will be proud of their facility. Ask for the available services as well as pricing Among the questions you should ask a doggy day care center is the services they offer. This question is important because you do not want to miss out on other activities the doggy day care center may be offering. Also, it is important to know if the center can handle your dog should there be need for medical emergency. And if your dog has special needs, which require additional walks, hair grooming or spa, you will find it beneficial to choose a doggy day care that encompasses all these. You would also need to know if their services are extended to off hours in case you do not make it to picking up your dog on time. What about boarding for such days when you have to stay back in the office? It’s important to ask these questions to know if they are available and what the extra cost will be. While choosing the best doggy day care, do not fail to make comparisons with others so that you can get the best deal at affordable rates. Do they screen dogs? They are two major reasons why dogs should be screened – vaccines and temperament. Since your dog will be spending time with other dogs, you certainly want to know if they are vaccinated as well as their temperament to avoid fighting, aggression, or hostility. You should ensure that all dogs in that day care center are up to date on their vaccines. That way, you will not be endangering the health of your dog. Ordinarily, a good doggy day care will ask for your dog’s records before accepting your dog. If this is not in place, it is a warning sign that such facility does not care about the dogs’ health. For instance, every dog that is going to day care should be vaccinated against bordetella known as kennel cough. It is a yearly vaccine that dogs are given in case they ever need to board or socialize with other dogs. How safe is the center? This is probably the most important aspect of the checklist. While this aspect is that important, it might not be so easy to tell how secured a center is or how security-conscious that doggy day care near me really is. Since you cannot rely on word of mouth on how seriously the doggy day care takes security, you should look out for some things yourself. Start by checking if they separate dogs according to sizes. You should check the dog facilities they have and if they conform to the safety measures that every doggy day care center should have. Another important security measure to look out for is how clean the facility is. You don’t want to endanger the health of dog. If the center does not take cleanliness seriously, then move on to the next doggy day care. You also don’t want your dog to wander off and stand the risk of getting lost. So, make sure that the day care center is well fenced to avoid such from happening. You should also ask for the ratio of workers to a particular number of dogs to make sure that the workers won’t be overwhelmed by the number of dogs they have to cater to. Another thing is to find out if these workers are trained to be able to read dogs’ body language and detect problems before they escalate. What about basic CPR and first aid measures that are needed in times of emergency? While at it, endeavor to find out how they discipline unruly dogs to be sure you are not sending off your dog to a violent but a happy doggy day care center. What about feeding and treats? You need to know the center’s feeding procedure and what they do with the treats that some dogs are sent off to the day care with. Some doggy day care centers include feeding and treats in their payment package to save you the extra cost or stress of coming with your dog’s food and treats each day. You should also find out if your dog’s nutrition can be considered especially if the dog has some allergies or dietary restrictions that require special meal. The best doggy day care centers usually do not have issues with any feeding and treat adjustment a dog owner makes. Is there lots of love and attention? Your dog deserves to be treated with lots of love and attention they deserve. A good doggy day care should be able to treat your dogs like you do or even better. This is why you must make sure that the center is made up of people who are crazy about dogs. This last point is very, very important because when your dog is shown lots of love and given the attention it deserves, you will have some peace of mind knowing it is in good hands. Don’t just settle for any doggy day care but look for those passionate about dogs. Even if their rate is higher than others, the attention, care and love they give to your dog will be very much worth it.


These 6 checklists will help you make the right decision when searching for a happy doggy day care for your dog. If you are not willing to embark on the search yourself, you can always ask your close friends and family members about a good doggy day care near me that meets most of the things listed out in this article.

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